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        The customer feels cheap to buy expensive!

        Category:Company News
        Date:2018-09-06 02:27:16
        Recently, I have been busy with a list of several foreign customers. I am busy and tired. This time I finally feel a little warmth. "It seems that the wind and water are turning, and China is going to start shuffling." Why do you say this? Because some customers are also awake.
        Yesterday, I received several customers from other provinces. At the beginning, the customer always felt that our equipment was expensive. After the deposit was given to us, I still felt expensive. I was in a hurry to come to our factory and take a trip to the sales, production, and procurement. All of them are called, because they are afraid of the equipment they bought before, especially the production department is very annoyed, the goods can not catch up, the leaders blame them, the sales remind them, really dumb to eat Huang Lian, have a hard time Not out, so this time they are very careful.
        The customer came to our factory at 4 o'clock in the afternoon and sat in the car for one day. They really tired them. When they came to our factory, they were not in a hurry to rest, but they were busy watching the equipment first. After the test, the equipment was various. The details also communicated with our technicians, and I clearly felt the joy of the customer's face. In just half an hour, the customer has already seen it at a glance. The boss said: "Yes, it will be packaged tomorrow." After hearing this sentence, we all finally let go of our minds, because this time it is a set of assembly lines, the customer's products are combined with irregular shapes, not standard machines can be done, our old technicians have fought for a few times. It was only in the evening that the equipment was perfectly displayed in front of the customers. I really appreciate them and I don’t want to pay for them.
        In the in-depth conversation with the customer, I learned their distress. They thought that the equipment was not complicated. Just buy a cheap one. If you know that there is no good goods, the more expensive you use, the less expensive you use. No, their purchases have been led by their leaders for a long time, deeply sighed: "Buy cheap and expensive!"