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        Do you know the 5 levels of automated factory production?

        Category:Industry news
        Date:2018-09-06 02:30:46
        In recent years, the labor advantage that China's manufacturing industry has long relied on is gradually disappearing. The cheap labor force, once the main driving force of China's manufacturing industry, is not as big and cheap as it used to be, and companies are facing a deteriorating shortage of labor.
        Therefore, for large-scale manufacturing and production, companies that want to compete globally must rely on technological upgrading, introduction of automation, and intelligent technology. Automation is also a must for the development of the factory.
         Automation first level: use quick clamping positioning fixture
        The use of quick-clamp positioning fixtures is the first step in the factory's move toward automation. The use of a uniform fixture reference in different machine tools and processes, so that the workpiece and electrode replacement no longer need manual table, can be replaced in a few seconds, repeat positioning up to 2μm high precision.
        ? Reduce workpiece preparation time
        ? Increase production time
        ? Allow offline inspection between production processes
         Automation Level 2: The machine integrates an automatic switching device
        On the basis of the use of the quick-clamp positioning fixture, the machine is equipped with a device for automatically replacing the electrode and the workpiece, thereby realizing long-time automatic machining. However, the automated processing capabilities of such automatic switching devices are limited.
        ? Economical integrated design
        ? Less investment
         Automation Level 3: Configuring the workpiece/electrode composite system
        By configuring the workpiece/electrode compounding system, it can support a larger number of workpiece/electrode refills, handle a wide variety of different pallet systems, and central preset data and CNC programs ensure high transparency in the process.
        ? Continuous automation capability improvement
        ? Highly transparent processing
        Automation Level 4: Manufacturing Unit
        Using a processing device to serve multiple machine tools and equipment, unattended processing through different machine tools and auxiliary equipment, high transparency in the processing flow, real-time access to workpiece and process data, online measurement by three-coordinate measuring instrument, ensuring high Quality production.
        ? Unattended processing
        Automation Level 5: Flexible Manufacturing System
        Using a processing device, serving multiple machine tools and equipment, all machine tools and related materials are linked together to achieve unified management of data flow and logistics, and the number of devices can be extended according to requirements, suitable for mass production.
        ? The number of devices can be extended according to demand