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        How is automation achieved?

        Category:Industry news
        Date:2018-09-06 02:37:30
        As a system engineering, it consists of 5 units:

        1. Program unit. Decide what to do and how to do it.
        2. The unit of action. Apply energy and positioning.
        3. Sensing unit. Detect the performance and status of the process.
        4. Develop a unit. The information sent by the sensing unit is compared, and a command signal is formulated and issued.
        5. Control unit. The organization that develops and regulates the unit of action. The research content of automation mainly includes two aspects of automatic control and information processing, including theory, method, hardware and software. From the application point of view, the research content includes process automation, mechanical manufacturing automation, management automation, laboratory automation and home automation. Wait.

        Process automation: automation of chemical processing of fluids or powders in industries such as petroleum refining and chemicals. Generally, a process control system consisting of a measuring instrument, a regulator, and a computer is used to optimally control a heating furnace, a rectification tower, and the like, or an entire plant. The main control methods used are feedback control, feedforward control and optimal control.

        Mechanical Manufacturing Automation: This is the result of a combination of mechanization, electrification and automatic control. The object of processing is discrete workpieces. Early mechanical manufacturing automation was a stand-alone automation using mechanical or electrical components or a simple automated production line. After the 1960s, due to the application of electronic computers, CNC machine tools, machining centers, robots, computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing, and automated warehouses appeared. Developed a flexible manufacturing system (FMS) that is suitable for multi-variety and small-volume production. Automated workshops based on flexible manufacturing systems, plus information management and production management automation, have emerged from the use of computer integrated manufacturing systems (CIMS) factory automation.

        Management automation: business management automation of people, finance, materials, production, office, etc. in factories or institutions, is a comprehensive technology centered on information processing, involving electronic computers, communication systems and control. A local network consisting of a plurality of computers and a variety of terminals capable of processing a large amount of information at high speed is generally employed. Hyundai has developed a decision support system (DSS) based on the management information system to provide an alternative solution for senior management decision-making.

        Automation of the impact of society is an important aspect of the new technological revolution. The research, application and promotion of automation technology will have a profound impact on human production and life. Production process automation and office automation can greatly improve social productivity and work efficiency, save energy and raw material consumption, ensure product quality, improve working conditions, improve production processes and management systems, and accelerate the transformation of social industrial structure and social informationization process.