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        Intelligent automation technology application, simple and convenient is just the starting point

        Category:Industry news
        Date:2018-09-06 02:44:43
        Recently, KPMG released quarterly reports on the field of commercial and intelligent automation. Through interviews, analysis and market research data of KPMG global experts, we found that intelligent automation is of high value to the company itself, but this technology The application does not necessarily mean that the company's business will succeed.
        “Although intelligent automation technology is qualified to be a powerful force for change, relying solely on intelligent automation technology does not achieve the required strategic goals. To be successful, managers must improve in many ways – not just technology. There are also changes in people, operational models and processes, management and governance."
        --DavidJ.Brown, KPMG Principal and Global Lead
        Beginning in 2018, solutions including process automation, artificial intelligence technology, machine learning, and other innovative technologies such as data analysis will be actively adopted by major companies and organizations. In addition to cutting unnecessary costs, good companies will use these new technologies for digital transformation to optimize their operations and business models while addressing the challenges of talent shortages.
        Now is the ideal time for companies to actively adopt intelligent automation technology solutions, because this technology (especially AI and machine learning) has not been widely deployed in mainstream and large companies. But all companies that plan to adopt this technology must have the right tools and expertise, and they need to understand the most appropriate aspects of each intelligent automation technology application, whether it works alone or in collaboration with other people or processes.
        2018 will be the year of the explosion of intelligent automation technology, and those that have not fully utilized the intelligent automation technology to transform will likely enter the decline phase. Compared with other transformation technologies such as e-commerce, if the opportunities for intelligent automation transformation are missed, the gap between leaders and laggards will expand even more, and the failure of failed companies will be faster than ever.
        But at the same time, intelligent automation technology, as a market game changer, will continue to develop under both positive and pessimistic market sentiment. Geopolitical, economic, and technological uncertainties in the global business environment have been a constant problem in the past year and will continue to do so in the coming years. Protectionism, nationalism, and financial constraints can all hinder the promotion of smart automation technology in capital markets.
        On the other hand, nearly 70% of respondents believe that intelligent automation technology and digital labor can become a positive trend, followed by innovative technologies such as automation, cloud computing and data analysis. We should also note that the market is much less worried about the global economic or regional economic weakness than 2016, although the situation varies from country to country.
        It is important to observe negative and positive trends in different contexts, as negative trends tend to drive positive trends earlier.
        Talent shortages and protectionism, while a negative trend, are also part of the business drivers behind the automation of intelligent automation technology. Solutions based on intelligent automation technology can help ease by automating work and reducing the need for human resources, including outsourced labor. The shortage of talent. Similarly, Al and big data analytics can put more intelligence into business operations and help expand the capabilities of staff. Of course, it is still challenging to find and train talents in technology development and ensure that the progress of intelligent automation technology is iterative.
        The cost reduction of IT investments and business processes in areas such as intelligent automation technology and data analysis remains the number one priority for many companies in 2018. However, this year's outstanding companies will be more expecting these technologies to bring benefits beyond cost savings.
        In addition, the company's core business processes will be redesigned because companies or organizations will incorporate intelligent automation technology into their workflows to automate more workflows, eliminating inefficiencies and smarter human processing. Automation technology handles effective work content. As a result, companies need to prioritize process analysis and redesign efforts, and continually adjust their automation designs to ensure that their core business processes are aligned with the business needs they support.
        Whether considering intelligent automation technology, blockchain or shrinking outsourcing, companies need to fully understand and consider the relationship between market speculation and the real needs of the market. Business cases and business trends in new technologies have their advocates and vested interests, and sometimes corporate decision makers are misled by news, and choose to believe in technology prospects rather than judge through market or technical reality.
        Respondents believe that strong network security capabilities are very practical, but this includes a strong speculation factor. In this case, by promoting that most companies and organizations do not have good cyber security protection, speculators can easily raise awareness of cybersecurity. Separating hype from reality is a difficult and arduous task, but it is a skill that organizations must master, and this skill will continue to face challenges.
        Looking forward to 2019, most respondents believe that the global economy will continue to improve, although this outlook is negatively affected by corporate, political and regulatory issues. The positive trend of economic improvement and the negative trend of excessive regulatory influence vary with the market and the country, and the latter often hinders the former, but emphasizes that the role of macroeconomics and government guidance will increasingly affect the enterprise, and to a certain extent Promote market leaders and keep this advantage.
        Based on the above survey data and analysis, the report believes that the following 7 points need to be referenced by company managers:
        1 The first principle of intelligent automation technology and solutions is worth more than cost savings
        Intelligent automation technology can impact the organization's overall operations and business models to benefit. Companies must consider the impact of intelligent automation technology in terms of operational objectives, models, corporate governance, management, and people and technology, and integrate intelligent automation technology to maximize benefits.
        2 Do not pay too much attention to the limits of intelligent automation technology
        Don't pay too much attention to the limits of intelligent automation technology, while ignoring the obstacles and challenges that must be overcome to achieve your goals. Competition requires constant development of iterations based on actual needs.
        3 Process design optimization needs to be continued
        Ensuring that non-essential work is reduced is more efficient than simply automating the process, and that automated processes need to meet business needs rather than performing redundant operations.
        4 Enhance and extend the availability of intelligent automation technology
        Enhance and extend the model design and operation of intelligent automation technology services to improve the availability and utilization of intelligent automation technology, whether delivered internally or externally.
        5 intelligent automation technology technology application, simple and convenient is only the starting point
        To take full advantage of the potential of intelligent automation technology, companies must change their operating models and leverage the knowledge and experience of intelligent automation technology, innovation and expertise to determine how to make the company's efficiency truly real. Only in this way can the company transform and realize real business intelligence and automation.
        6 Don't ignore other key needs to stay competitive
        While intelligent automation technology is a new bright spot for technology, don't ignore other key business needs to stay competitive, including improving management effectiveness, correcting inappropriate operational processes, better understanding customers and competitors, and determining how to handle intelligence. Business advice generated by automation technology automation.
        7 The development of intelligent automation technology is not only technology, but also comprehensive response
        Even if a company is a leader in intelligent automation technology, geopolitical pressures, changing regulatory environments, socio-economic changes, and other external development factors can have unintended consequences and consequences for the development of intelligent automation technology.