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        Model FXK-3612 - Automatic Shrinking Machine

        Style No:FXK-3612-Sleeve shape heat shrinking machine
        Voltage:3Φ/ 380V-3Φ/ 380V
        Power Unit:11KW-10KW
        Air pressure:4- 5K g/ cm2
        Net weight:200K G-100KG
        Machine overall size:L2000*W880*H1800(mm)-L1013*W897*H1459(mm)
        Packing size:L(200~250)*W(100~200)*H(50~110)mm-L(100~250)*W(100~200)*H150(mm)
        Packing speed:3- 8(Pack/min)-0-10(m/min)

        Product Details Questions Online Feedback

        *Especially designed for combined package of multiple tiny products.
        *Uniquie product design, with compact package, stable, free of deform and dislocation. *Supporting customization in size to meet the need for variable product with different hight.
        *With feeding by mechnical arm, and conveying by stepping motor, it finishes the package in sleeve shape.
        *A machine of multi-purpose for packing various of different size products.
        *Fully automatic operating is more safe and easy.
        Usable range
        Applied to sleeve packaging for plastic, hardware or electric appliances.
        Technical data

        We reserved the rights to modify the machine parameters,and actual parameter will subject to final confirmation.

        Lisa Huang   (Director)

        Phone: +0086 13850050846   Fax: +0086 592 2201468
        Wechat: 13850050846    
        E-mail:  lisa@xmfsd.com 
        MIC Website: https://xmfushide.en.made-in-china.com
        Website: www.xmfsdpackingmachine.com

        Address: No. 78, Huli Industrial Park, Meixi Road, Tong'an District, Xiamen City
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